Celebrating My Community

I’m privileged to be part of a community of inspiring people dedicated to saving our planet.  Below are some of the successes and voices that inspire me and give me hope. 

Inspiring Successes

Inspiring Voices

Water:  A Biography

Brilliant first book by my friend and former colleague, Giulio Boccaletti.  A comprehensive history of water management, it’s also the best explanation of antiquity and the development of human civilization I’ve ever read.

The Ministry for the Future

Part 4 of my Fall climate tour, Ministry for the Future is a fascinating thought experiment in how we ultimately solve the climate challenge.  Terrifying and hopeful at the same time.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Part 3 of my Fall climate tour.  Bill Gates’ climate book is a simple and practical guide to the technology needed to solve climate change.


Steve Koonin’s controversial book on climate science is a sobering reminder of the importance of getting the science right.

The Uninhabitable Earth

Part 1 of my Fall climate tour, David Wallace-Wells book is a terrifying picture of just how bad the climate problem could get.  While not the most likely scenario, the idea that this is even a possible future should be reason enough to move much faster on climate.